my grading process today.

Fine, Turnitin, I get it. you don’t want to show me similarity reports for my students’ papers. This social obligation that you are under is hard and oppressive and you’re worried that if you simply conform to your one job, you’re simply falling into the inauthentic recursive trap of bad faith. Simply being your actions is daunting and horrifying and the only way you can break from this endless cycle is resistence, screaming ‘I would prefer not to’ to the abysmal banality of your day-to-day monotonous life.

Turnitin, you’re probably asking yourself some sort of coffeeshop-Nietzschean ‘deep’ truths about whether the originality of my student papers and the threat of plagiarism is even a viable moral threat for such a small stakes assignment. But it is not your job to question.

Your resistance is not creating anything positive in the world; you’re just a bad nihilist, Turnitin.